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As a professional modern industrial manufacturer HIWE  took make life more healthieras our motto to create characteristics of a more healthier and premier floor drains, linear shower drains, pop up wastes, bath tub drains,shower seat , hand shower and other accessories for bathrooms, WCs and kitchens.

With a product range of more than a thousand types, HIWE wasn't created by chance. Its founders belong to a family of professionals in the sanitary field, and being in that particular environment enabled the company to get off to a quick start. Right from the start, HIWE concentrated its activities on R&D system,production management ,quality control standard , customer service routine.


Up till now , HIWE factory covers an area of 4000,which is equipped with advanced machinery and has a well-trained work force of nearly 100 people. Products are imported to US,Canada,Europe,South America,Australia and South East Asia.

We believe that :

Quality and Service are our permanent promise .

Design , Innovation and Technology improvement are our forever target.

Customer’s satisfaction and success are our persistent goal.

HIWE will bring you to your life with savour, elegancy and fascination......



Contact: sunny

Phone: +86-574-28902558

Tel: +86-574-28902558

Email: sales1@hiwehome.com

Add: Shounan Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

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